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Hosting Pre-Sales
How long has InfoJunky been in business
Is there a money back guarantee?
Are there any contracts or commitments?
Do I have to be a webmaster to use my web space?
How do you keep your prices so low? Will you put ads on my website?
Are there any setup fees or hidden charges?
Does InfoJunky oversell their servers?
What is overselling?
Do you have any limits on usage?
Who manages my web site and space?
Can we hire InfoJunky to design or manage our site?
What are the specs of your servers?
What kind of access do I have to my space?
How long does it take for my site to be set up?
Do i have to register a domain with you?

What nameservers should I use?
Can I create the subdomains, www, wwww, ww, mail?
Can I Access My Site's FTP Without an FTP Program?

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