Can I create the subdomains, www, wwww, ww, mail?
The simple answer is no, do not create any of these subdomains. These subdomains have already been created by our system. When creating a subdomain especially for "www" variations, the system will filter the "www" out and a subdomain wwww will effectively become just "w". If you have done this contact us to have it corrected.

A common mistake is to create the "mail." subdomain. This domain is already created and tied to your email servers. Creating this subdomain and then deleting it will cause problems with accessing email. It will not affect email being recieved or send but you will not be able to access any email through the address.

If you need to create the subdomain let us know. We will make the appropriate changes for you, however you will need to change the email address your client uses to

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