Can I Access My Site's FTP Without an FTP Program?
After you set up a new FTP user in your CPanel, many users prefer the simplicity of using their browser instead of finding, downloading, and learning a dedicated FTP client. While FTP software is usually the best way to transfer files, a browser can handle light-duty work.

If you are using your main default ftp account you should login with just "username" instead of the "".

For secondary (setup) accounts, you must use the long username format:

This can cause problems in some operating systems and browsers, as they may not like 2 "@" characters. Others handle it gracefully. To include a username with a "@" symbol hence resulting in 2 "@" symbols in the url, you will need to replace the "@" with "%40". So for example it would become:

instead of

One problem that is very intermittant involves Internet Explore on Windows. If you use the long URL to gain access, but use your domain name instead of your IP, you get a blank white page. You then have to right-click > "login as..." and provide your info a second time.

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